Who We Are

Bracken is an open-minded magazine with a preference for magic realism. 

Inspired by old world storytelling with roots in the wood's shadows, we embrace both the literary and the fantastic.

Alina Rios
Editor, Founder

Alina spent the first part of her life in St. Petersburg, Russia, and now lives in Seattle. Her work has recently appeared in TheNewVerse.News, Zetetic, Crosswinds Poetry Journal, and Apex Magazine. Follow Alina on Twitter @alinassoul or visit her website: alinarios.com.

Jed Myers
Poetry Editor

A Philadelphia native, Jed discovered poetry early. He studied Creative Writing at Tufts University where he first edited a literary magazine. He then trained in psychiatry, and has maintained a therapy practice in Seattle for many years. Jed’s been active in the evolution of Seattle’s open-mic poetry community. His work’s appeared in Prairie SchoonerPoetry Northwest, RattleCrab Creek Review, many other journals, and several anthologies. He’s the author of Watching the Perseids (Sacramento Poetry Center Book Award), The Marriage of Space and Time (MoonPath Press, forthcoming), and two chapbooks. Recent honors include the Prime Number Magazine Award for Poetry, The Southeast Review’s Gearhart Poetry Prize, and The Tishman Review’s Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize.

Erin Slomski-Pritz
Assistant Poetry Editor

Erin is a poet and aspiring audio journalist. She has been known to carry collections of poems on long canoe trips and recite her favorites on tops of mountains. She is currently based in Sitka, Alaska, where she works with Outer Coast, an aspiring two-year institution of higher education, and volunteers with KCAW, a local radio station.

Alina Rios and Piper Robert

Past Staff
V. Wesley (fiction reader)

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