Issue I

March 2016

From the Editor

The idea for Bracken was born in the Yorkshire woods, at Arvon, right after the Paris attacks of this past November. The horror left me feeling desperately alone so far from home, and the wood lulled me to sleep, when nobody and nothing else could. 

Or perhaps it was born long before, in my native Russia, where I roamed the wood every summer, fearless and deeply at home with mosquito bites…. Read more.


When We Got to Arizona and the Petrified Forest
by Laura LeHew

Through Earth and Sky
by Gwendolyn Kiste

The Woodcutter's Sons
by Stephen Case

Passing Through
by Stephen Thom

Father Bear
by V.N. Martin


by Claire Hermann

Close to Home
by Jed Myers

Give Up the Saw Jennifer
by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens

Tale from the Vienna Woods
by Erika Michael

I Asked the Alchemist
by Sara Backer

Devoured // Neverhome
by Jessica Bixel


Issue I Cover
by Jana Heidersdorf

The Guardian
by Caren McCaleb