Issue II

August 2016

From the Editor

I’m listening to Beirut as the Pacific Starliner weaves through the tinder-dry California hills to the ocean. I journeyed to a friend’s house on the foggy Central Coast to finish Issue II of Bracken, and, between two-hour hikes into town to get coffee and excursions to see Hearst’s zebras wandering the cow pastures, finish it I did.

I am excited and relieved to present to you Issue II. Stirring, unusual, and mythical pieces await you just behind the cover—which I think you will find is a fitting mirror for the issue’s contents. We had solicited “Juliet” from Caren McCaleb for Issue I, but wound up keeping it for Issue II, perhaps foreseeing the diversity of what was to come. ... Read more. 


The Gardener and the King's Menagerie
by E. Lily Yu

A Man and a River
by Megan Tilley

by Erica Ruppert

by Davis Oldham


Prayer, Apostrophe // All Their Elegies
by Bryce Emley

Marginalia on Eiruvin 45b
by Bogi Takács

by Lucia Cherciu

Approaching the Mountain
by Laurie Kolp


Issue II Cover
by Caren McCaleb

On Leave
by Henry Hu

by Anja Uhren