Issue IV

July 2017

From the Editor

I’ve always struggled with home. It could’ve had something to do with growing up a creative person in a family of engineers and doctors. It could’ve been immigration, which breaks you in half so that you can never truly, deeply feel at home in the country you left or in the country that took you in. Whatever the reason, home was always fantastical, imaginary, on the other side of my world, just outside touch, smell, and sight. I began writing to write myself a path to this home. It is no wonder then that I wrote fantasy.
In this issue, we are featuring the work of the winner and the runner-up of our home-themed flash fiction contest. ... Read more.


Dancing Limbs // Dancing Birds
by Sheila Sondik

Roxanne's Room
by Lyn Coffin

Prayer (1)
by Lucy Harlow

by Olivia V. Ambrogio

For Steve
by Andrew Gordon


Issue IV Cover
by Michael Marsh

Selected photography
by Ellie Davies

Selected photography
by Michael Marsh