Issue V

January 2018

From the Editor
This week, I’ve been blessed. It was my first mass, and I was enjoying the pageantry of the Catholic Church from the safe distance of the back pew. How plainly was I an outsider in this place... Read more.

From the Poetry Editor

Issue V’s gathering of poems comes by way of a long slow sifting, and I hope that you, dear Reader, will find that not only are individual pieces worthy of your heart’s welcome, but that the selection overall stirs in you something of Bracken’s unfolding spirit.. ... Read more.


A Few Words Left Behind
by Jeff Hardin

I Want to Tell You
by Ronda Broatch

The Fifth Season
by Emily Stoddard

Janitor of the Labyrinth // The Green Pear
by Anita K. Boyle

by Suzanne Langlois

by Babo Kamel

Dusk on the Lake of Dreams
by Margaret Holley

Midnight After Winter-Long Rains
by Peter Munro

by Jill Dery

by T. Clear

Root Bound
by Mark Childs


Issue V cover image
by Patty Grazini

Selected work
by Bathsheba Veghte

The Girl with the Flower Crown
by Amanda Greive