Winter, and I step outside
in the last minutes before dusk.

All day I've huddled
head-down beneath a lamp

and fog has hoarded the sun
until now, when light

angles across the garden
and ignites the red-furred limbs

of the sumac so briefly
I know I have everything

I will ever need.


A founder of Floating Bridge Press, T. Clear’s poetry has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, most recently in Terrain.org, Scoundrel Time, UCity Review, The Raven Chronicles, Rise Up Review, and 56 Days of August/Poetry Postcards. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and an Independent Best American Poetry Award. She is a lifelong resident of Seattle, and has the good fortune to spend her days inventing new color combinations to paint on sandblasted glass, allowing her to make her living as an artist.